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This is the first in a series of art evenings we will have. Featuring the talents of Matt and Kristin Foote guiding you through an art education piece while sipping on LaZarre Wines. Yum. Small bites will be available.

WHO: LaZarre Winery Tasting Room & artist Matt “Chef Al Dente” Foote

WHAT: ART BAR @ LaZarre #1: Portraits & Caricatures Using Carbon-Tracing Method

WHEN: Thursday, April 11, 6-8pm

WHERE: LaZarre Winery Tasting Room, 1313 Park St., Paso Robles

WHY: The standard “art night” experience into something transformational & productive. We’re attempting to create a paradigm shift.

DESCRIPTION: Matt “Al Dente” Foote has been a working artist, author, illustrator for 20 years, first becoming established in the LA “underground” art scene while working as an illustrator for Southland Publishing newspaper group and curator for The Gallery At The End Of The World. He developed a distinctive style of portraiture & illustration based on a method utilizing carbon paper and photography. This is the FIRST TIME that he has ever shared his proprietary method. Even non-artists can utilize this technique to create cool portraits for family & friends, while working artists can also learn from this technique and add it to their repertoire.

COST: $30 includes instruction, materials, and a full pour of your choice of LaZarre wines on the tasting menu.

CONTACT: Reservations required, class size limited!  831-737-9005 or to rsvp


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