2012 Albariño ~ Library Reserve


2012 Albariño ~ Pear. Apple. Peach. Lush. Rich. Sweet. Bone dry. Traditional. Honoring the grape and it’s origin.

Appellation: Edna Valley

Varietal: 100% Albarino

Cases Produced: 215

Alcohol: 13.7%
pH: 3.32
TA: 0.80

Cooperage: Stainless Steel Tank / Neutral Oak

Bottling date: August 11, 2013

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This is our second vintage of this wonderful white wine. I’ve had a lot of questions from people over the last year regarding the grape that its made from: where did it originate? Where is it grown in California? What are the traditional characteristics? Stuff like that. I’ve had a lot of other questions too: do you make a white zinfandel? Why are you gaining weight? What’s with the tattoo on your inner thigh of a chipmunk with two nuts in its mouth? Stuff like that.

The grape comes from the northwest corner of Spain known as Galicia. The name “Al-bar-iño” means “overpriced white wine” in Txakoli, a language found only behind a Holiday Inn Express on the beach just outside of Malaga, Spain. OK. Go to Wikipedia.com to look up the grape. It’s actually pretty fascinating… Cluny monks and all.

The wine is a blend of tank fermented free-run and barrel-aged press fraction. This is the key to getting the appropriate mouthfeel in the bottle. There are a few tricks necessary to clean up the barrel portion like the use of gelatin (no, this is not a vegan wine) and ascorbic acid. In the end, I was shooting for a very bright wine with a fair degree of sweetness and varietal correctness to honor the fruit with some interesting flavors as a bonus. We hope you enjoy our effort.

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